Unique Media: Effective Ways of Advertising Your Small Business

Listen to Me Sign Person Tries to Get Attention in CrowdWith so many companies saturating the business market and economy, it is hard to stand out from the rest. The way you advertise weighs heavily into how well your company will do and how your company is perceived.

We’ve all grown up with advertising on the TV, radio, Internet, billboards – anywhere and everywhere they can be. Many have learned how to tune out advertisements of services and products they don’t really care about.

If you’re in need of a fresh look at advertising, try the following tips to really boost your image and set you apart from other companies in the mind of the customer:


Blogging is a great way to not only promote your small business but also to build a personal relationship with your customers. Don’t just offer mindless drivel, but provide actual quality content and design. If enough people like your blog, it can become a heavily trusted and informative site, offering more revenue through online means. You can create linkbait, install plugins, send automatic pins – blog options are entirely controllable! The online market is important to tap into, as online shopping and browsing increase.


Another necessary venue is having a company Facebook page or profile. Social media is becoming a huge force, not only in news reporting, sharing, and connections but also in advertising. Small businesses can use social media to connect with customers, promote sales and events, as well as answering questions and posts for a personal touch.

Printed Materials

There are several types of print marketing that many overlook, but can be very effective. Flyers, door-hangers, and handouts can generate a lot of buzz about your company – especially with how easily they are passed around. The first person you hand a flyer to may not become a customer, but the next after him can.

Word of Mouth

Despite the tendency to use large-scale marketing to reach a larger market, don’t forget about good old word of mouth advertising! If you impress your customers  – with personalized gifts, excellent customer service, and great products - the word-of-mouth advertising potential is tremendous. This is an easy, effective, and increasingly unique form of marketing as many businesses direct their attention to online means.


Go outside of the box and delve into your industry or niche for great advertising ideas and spaces for it – bathroom stalls, escalators, window decals, and more. The sky is the limit, so don’t disregard fanciful or silly ideas.


Today’s Guest Post on Start Your Own Small Biz was provided by Carla Eaton. Carla has a B.A. in Mass Media and writes on the topics of business, technology, and design. She currently blogs for inkfarm. 

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