5 Ways Surveys Can Improve Your Small Business

online surveyI’m sure you’re already aware how CRUCIAL it is to resonate with your target market and that surveys are a valuable tool to help you achieve that – but did you also know that surveys can benefit your small business in a whole host of other ways too?

Let’s take a look at 5 major ways you can use surveys to develop your business:

1.       Generate leads

Used correctly, online surveys can be an extremely effective way to grow your subscription list and find new leads. The key to achieving this is an opt-in system, where you provide consumers with something, and in return they give you their personal details. That’s not as easy as it sounds, however.  Understandably, people can be pretty cagey about giving out their personal info – so the trick is to make it as easy, fun and inviting as possible - with a great incentive.

Try using survey tools to create a multiple choice quiz to give your prospects an opportunity to test their knowledge.  Let them take the quiz and then as a finishing option, direct them to a page on your site that reveals the answers that they are only allowed access to if they opt-in. Another idea is to ask 10 common questions that potential customers may have about your business or products. After they have completed the survey, take them to a page that offers answers and solutions to their selected questions – but only if they opt-in. There are a ton of other ideas – you just need to think a little creatively!

2.       Build authority

Social proof is one of the most powerful methods of endorsement that acts as a real incentive when persuading prospective customers and clients to commit. It’s the evidence that online consumers need to calm their fears and convince them that what the website is selling is worth buying.

Surveys are one of the easiest ways to encourage the customers who have already bought from you the ability to rate your products and services and share their comments and reviews with new visitors. By successfully proving to prospective customers that people who are similar to them have had a great experience with your product or service, the possibility that those prospects will buy your product is extremely high which is going to result in a much higher percentage converting into paying customers.

Top Tip: Surveys can boost your Google rankings too! Google is now using social proof analytics to rate websites, so recommendations are crucial for improving your authority factor. Encouraging social interaction with online surveys for rating and commenting on products could dramatically help your SEO.

3.       Make informed decisions

A survey could save you from making costly mistakes. The results of researching, surveying and analyzing the market are extremely important to developing products and services that fill a need and capture the attention of your customers and clients. In order to get the best feedback possible, you need to carefully choose your target survey audience and analyze and evaluate their responses thoroughly.

Top Tip: Surveys are not infallible – You should still rely on your own judgement, but use surveys to inform that judgement by confirming your ideas or opening your mind to other options.

4.       Improve Your Business

This is one of the more obvious benefits of a survey – but that makes it no less valid. Feedback for services or products that have already been purchased is what will help your business evolve, stay on trend and raise your reputation through the roof.  Knowing what you’re doing right is crucial, but just as vital is knowing what is leaving your clients and customers wanting. ASK for feedback, don’t just wait for them to volunteer it – most people don’t enjoy being confrontational and many won’t actively give you positive comments without prompting. Be direct and ask for them.

If you see recurring problems, explore them and figure out what you can do to remove them. Every issue a customer or prospect has is a barrier to commitment. If there are unresolved issues with your products or services, they could come back to haunt you; problems tend to fester if left unaddressed, which could end up causing damage to your reputation.

And don’t forget to take notice of the good stuff too. Positive feedback is just as useful – it’s important to know when you’re on the right track.

Top Tip: Majority rules – Before making changes based on feedback, it’s a good idea to survey customers about it to be 100% that they are what the majority wants.

5.       Generate ideas

Never underestimate your audience. Survey responses from your target audience can be inspirational and give rise to great ideas and create new opportunities. Communicate with your audience and place value on what they have to say – you never know when you’re going to come across new, original and innovative ideas to significantly boost your business and take it to a new level.

Surveys really can open up a wealth of benefits for any business. They have a high engagement level because they are fun and easy to use, they guarantee valuable results quickly, and they are also extremely cost effective. There are a number of reliable and inexpensive survey tools including creation and analysis available online from companies like SurveyMonkey and PopSurvey.

Don’t ignore the power of surveys. They are a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of your prospects and clients, and gain quality, valuable information that could give you vital new inspiration and direction for your business.

Don’t delay – survey today!


Today’s Guest Post on Start Your Own Small Biz was provided by James T. Noble. James makes small businesses bigger. He’s worked with some of the world’s largest brands and companies to market their products and services online – including Disney, Microsoft, 20th Century Fox, Virgin, Coca Cola, MTV and many others. Find out more and read business growth tips at 


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